API stability

The API of joserfc is currently a work in progress and may not be considered fully stable. However, with each release, the API stability is improving and getting closer to a stable state.


Starting from version 0.5.0, the method names and their parameters are expected to remain stable. This means that once you have updated your code to use the methods provided by joserfc, you can rely on them without the need for frequent changes.

Python Versions

joserfc is designed to support Python 3.8 and above. It is recommended to use joserfc with Python versions 3.8 and higher to ensure compatibility and take advantage of the latest language features and improvements.

New RFCs

To maintain a stable and reliable library, joserfc will not introduce new RFC implementations until the 1.0.0 release. This approach ensures that the existing functionality is thoroughly tested and the library reaches a mature state before incorporating new specifications.

When new RFC implementations are added after the 1.0.0 release, the minor version of joserfc will be incremented. This versioning approach helps to communicate the introduction of new features and RFC support to users, while also indicating potential changes to the API and behavior.

Upgrade notes

Please note that while efforts are made to maintain compatibility and stability, it is always a good practice to thoroughly test and validate your code when upgrading to a new version of joserfc to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any potential compatibility issues.