joserfc is a Python library that provides a comprehensive implementation of several essential JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) standards.

Derived from Authlib, joserfc offers a redesigned API specifically tailored to JOSE functionality, making it easier for developers to work with JWS, JWE, JWK, JWA, and JWT in their Python applications.


  • Python Type Hints: joserfc takes advantage of Python’s type hinting capabilities, providing a more expressive and readable codebase. The use of type hints enhances development workflows by enabling better static analysis, improved IDE support, and more reliable code refactoring.

  • Organized Codebase with RFC Compliance: joserfc is structured following the RFC standards, ensuring clear separation and organization of the different JOSE functionalities. It strictly follows the latest versions of the JOSE standards, guaranteeing the highest level of interoperability and compliance.

Why joserfc?

joserfc is derived from Authlib to facilitate easy maintenance and modularity. Previously, Authlib was developed as a mono library to design a comprehensive API that covered a wide range of authentication and security needs. However, as the project evolved, it became evident that splitting the modules from Authlib would improve maintainability and provide more focused and specialized libraries.

With joserfc, developers can now benefit from a standalone library dedicated specifically to JOSE standards. This focused approach allows for better code organization, improved documentation, and a more streamlined development experience. By utilizing joserfc, developers can confidently integrate JOSE functionalities into their projects, knowing that they are working with a dedicated and well-maintained solution.